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Pax Vaporizer Version 2

Ploom has recently released their updated version of the Pax, and we have a lot to say about it – so listen up very closely. This vape is a lot smaller, lighter, and sleeker because it uses a polished aluminum outer shell that is much more visually appealing than the original version. The mouthpiece on the Pax is now updated with a silicone rubber insert that goes directly into the top of the unit, making it much easier to clean. The biggest difference between these two vapes is that the mouthpiece is very different on the 2nd version that also includes a spare mouthpiece that resembles the original. The new mouthpiece is better for smaller draws, but for those who still want to take huge rips you may want to use the older mouthpiece that was used with the version 1. This vape is very well designed and it is actually worth the money, so if you are looking for a premium vaporizer to use with your herbs then this is definitely an attractive option. This vape doesn’t have too much draw resistance, and I think it’s just about right for a conduction vape. Overall, I really like the Pax 2 and I think it’s a great addition to their already stellar line of products. This company really has impressed me with this new creation, and it’s definitely not just a money grab like other companies would do in this same situation.

The new oven screen on the Pax 2 is super easy to clean because it’s simply a metal plate that comes right off and is able to be soaked. Sometimes it will start to clog so you have to clean it regularly. I will usually pop out the screen every few hits and scrape out any resin on the inside of the oven, blocking the airflow. That’s one thing to keep in mind, so please review this information thoroughly before actually making your purchase. I clean it with isopropyl alcohol, and swab it down quickly and then after putting the screen back into the unit it will work fine. You don’t have to use alcohol every single time you clean it out, but definitely at least once a week. Maintaining your Pax is extremely important, so please make sure you stay on top of it. When grinding your herbs, you definitely want to keep them nice and fine. You can expect about 15 nice draws with this vape, and the vapor quality is very high and tastes much better than the original Pax. The first few hits are always the best with this unit, and after that it tends to decline a little bit, but is still very attractive. All you have to do is stir the bowl a little bit and you should be able to get some bigger clouds after the initial big boost that you get with a fresh bowl pack. If you start finding that you are losing a lot of flavor, then you will want to make sure you repack the bowl and get started on a fresh session.

The battery life is much longer on the Pax 2, and it lasts 90 minutes on a 3 hour charge. The original vape charged using a dock, but the new version comes with a charging mat. This vape comes with a 10 year warranty, ensuring that you will never have to worry about getting your unit serviced or repaired. I would say that this unit is definitely worth the price, although it may be a bit on the high side. This is a premium vaporizer for dried herbs, and it works extremely efficient, so if you want that top level performance then you will have to spend a little bit of cash. Thanks for taking the time to read our review, we hope that you were able to gain some valuable tidbits of information that will help you make the most out of your vaporizing experiences.